Friday, May 6, 2011

Feature You Friday - Gardenpetal Designs

Good morning StitchStealers!

We have some serious eye candy for you this morning!   Your fellow StitchStealer, Steffany, shared some projects she's been creating for her business, Gardenpetal Designs.  Here is what Steffany had to say about herself, and how her business began:
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, a Degree in Education, was a Home Ec. Teacher for a few years before my daughter was born, but now I am a stay at home mom. I have been sewing all my life. I was taught by my mother at an early age and cannot remember not being able to use a sewing machine. I started having a passion for baby items when I was pregnant with my daughter, Lily. Before that I was an avid quilter.  The best part about making baby items is they don't take up too much of my time (which I don't have much to spare) and they are fun, and unique. Quilting, was very time consuming and would often take me a year to complete a project. This gives me a lot of satisfaction, especially since I know that the babies like them. My daughter was crazy about all the things I made her so I am just passing on the joy! I created my business to enable myself to continue to stay at home with my daughter instead of returning to the work force.
Gardenpetal Designs specializes in handmade, hand-designed mom, tot and baby items. Mostly baby toys, diapers and anything baby related that is soft, cuddly and made of fabric. Most of my business is custom work and one of a kind. I have a passion for cloth diapering and have perfected my cloth diapers over the course of 2 years using my daughter as a tester! I make the perfect diaper for a skinny child. Having a very thin baby, it was hard to find a diaper that would not leak, so i decided to embark on the journey of making them to fit her all by myself, and now I pass on all that hard work, research and redesigning to the customers with my diapers which are colorful, one of a kind, and baby and earth friendly.
Here are some of those unique creations:

I love all of the fabrics you use! Thank you so much for sharing with us Steffany.  Everyone, be sure to check out more of Steffany's work at the Gardenpetal Designs Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend (and don't forget to take a look at today's awesome StitchSteal)!

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