Friday, April 29, 2011

Feature You Friday - Girly gifts with the Silhouette

Good morning StitchStealers!

Today, I'm doing a little shameless showing off of a creation I made for two sweet girls who are having a birthday this week.  These twins are into different things - one is into Toy Story, and the other can't get enough of princesses.  They also love to be crafty (they are just like their mom, who is another CraftySteals fan!). 

I decided to make them each a basket of craft goodies - and since we all like to keep the paint and glue off of our kids' clothes, I thought I would give them some craft smocks.  On the hunt for some cute ones I went.  Okay, have you SEEN how much craft smocks go for these days? I couldn't find one for under $15! So, I did a little brainstorming, did some shopping at the craft store and in the Past Steals on, and came up with these beauties - personalized and much more affordable!

I used the purple and pink Silhouette heat transfer from the pastel bundle, and some Silhouette rhinestones (both on the StitchSteals past steal page).  As part of their basket of markers, paints, puzzles and crafts, I hope the girls love these craft aprons as much as I enjoyed making them!

Have a great weekend, and be sure to check out today's Riley Blake "Enchanted" line on StitchSteals - a gorgeous collection of fabrics perfect for your spring projects.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Feature You Friday: Project Linus

Good morning StitchStealers!

Happy Earth Day!  In 1970, Earth Day was started as an effort to increase public consciousness about environmental concerns.  Since then, it has led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the passing of the Clean Water, Air and Endangered Species Acts.  Earth Day has also evolved from a day of demonstrations and rallies, to a day of action for everyday people - to start recycling, start reducing and taking every small step to helping conserve our resources and protect the Earth we live on. 

In honor of that, we thought we should "feature" a way that StitchStealers could do their part today.  In trying to find a connection, I kept coming back to scraps.  Extra material.  Maybe something we bought that didn't end up working.  Maybe an abandoned project that you don't know what to do with.  Well, instead of storing them in your garages or basements (hopefully not the garbage!), you should put those extra scraps to work whether it be on your work table or someone else's!

There are many charities that take donations of fabrics, and even more that take donations of knitted hats, bags and blankets.  One that caught my attention, is Project Linus.

Project Linus is a national non-profit 100% volunteer organization that provides new, handmade, washable blankets to critically ill and/or traumatized children, ages newborn to 17 years of age.  There are local chapters of Project Linus that accept donations of yarn and fabric, notions and various other supplies - as well as take donations of finished blankets or quilts.  Many chapters also get together to create these special blankets. 

The Project Linus Chapter for several North Texas counties has an especially heartwarming story on their website that I am linking to here (though I will warn you you will need a few tissues by your side if you'd like to read it).  It is about how these blankets touched the lives of some of those affected by the tragic events at Columbine High School.

If you would like to participate or inquire about your local chapter, take a look at the Project Linus website. 

If you'd like to participate in an Earth Day event near you, you can search one out on the Earth Day Network website as well.  (Even if only to make a "green" pledge to turn your lights off when you leave the room - every little bit counts!).

Also in honor of Earth Day, check out today's StitchSteal - fun canvas tote bags (in three colors) from Alternative Apparel.  As a company, Alternative Apparel is dedicated to sustaining our natural environment through use of low-impact dyes, energy conservation and uses many recycled and organic materials.  You'd be getting products made by an eco-friendly company AND getting a steal - it's a win-win!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Would you like to be featured on a future “Feature You Friday”? It’s a great way to show off your skills, share your talents, or promote a business, blog or cause that’s dear to you.  All you need to do is send us a photo (or photos) of a project to the StitchSteals blog.  If you are chosen, your work (and links) will be seen by all of our StitchSteals Blog readers and Facebook fans.  Submit your photos today – we can’t wait to see what you have come up with!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Feature You Friday: Earth Day Shirts

Good morning StitchStealers!

This morning we are featuring our own Stephanie (Ms. CraftySteals herself). In preparation for Earth Day next Friday, Steph made these shirts for her boys:
and this one for herself:
She used her trusty Silhouette and the Silhouette flocked heat transfer paper. Heat transfer makes it so easy to make custom shirts for every occasion! (Once you get the hang of the Silhouette you might never wear a "plain" t-shirt again!)  The flocked heat transfer bundles are on the StitchSteals Past Steals page - get them before they are gone! And don't let your lack of a Silhouette stop you! You can even use the heat transfer with your Cricuts or other die-cutters.  You can even go the old fashioned route of tracing paper and a craft knife!

We are always interested in seeing what all of you talented and creative StitchStealers have come up with. If you'd like one of your projects to be featured on a future Friday, please send a photo to Plus, if you have an Etsy or Ebay business, personal blog or cause that is dear to your heart, we can help you spread the word when we feature you on our blog!  Send in those photos!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabric Glue Glider + Heat Transfer = Easy Home Décor

Good morning StitchStealers!

Today, a new vendor comes to StitchSteals!  Glue Arts offers some fantastic choices in adhesives for crafting, household use and now FABRIC!  Today’s StitchSteal, the Glue Glider Pro Fabric Bond, makes your projects a little bit easier and a whole lot faster!

The Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond is a small, adhesive applicator that you can use to bond fabric.  Basically, it's a tape runner that holds iron-on adhesive (there are 7 different kinds of refills that you can use with this applicator).  Without the iron there is a bond, but with iron the bond becomes permanent.  Such a great idea!  I like to play with material, I like to sew, but I also like to do the fewest amount of steps to get to the end result (so many projects, so little time, right?).  This Fabric Bond Glue Glider is great at helping me make those shortcuts without messing with the integrity of my project.

Last week, I made some vinyl wall art with my Silhouette for my bedroom, and I decided to make a pillow for my bed to tie everything together (plus, I just like to play with my Silhouette!). I cut out fabric for the pillow, and used the Silhouette heat transfer to cut the same flower pattern I had used in my wall art.
I ironed it on my fabric piece,
peeled away the plastic backing,
and now I was ready to add my piping (I needed black piping to match my current bedding). Here's where the Fabric Bond Glue Glider came in to help (the first time).  I ran a line of the fabric bond along the edges to hold my piping in place (instead of pinning, which I do not seem to have the knack for). 
This allowed me to easily bond the piping in the right place and sew it onto my fabric.
After I sewed the pillow and stuffed it, I picked up the Glue Glider with Fabric Bond again, and used it to hold the seam opening together.  I am not the best at the blind stitch, so I decided to iron the seams together.  Easy peasy! Here is the end result!
Head over to to pick one up today at a GREAT bargain.  You won't regret it!

Also be sure to check out today's CraftySteal - the Glue Glider Max - you can use it for crafts, household projects and so much more! (You can also see the bulletin boards I made using the Glue Glider Max and some cute StitchSteal Riley Blake Fabric at the CraftySteals blog).

Have a great day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Feature You Friday: Baby Quilt by Roxanne

Good morning StitchStealers!

We have a great story and a beautiful quilt to feature this Friday - from your fellow StitchStealer, Roxanne.  Roxanne's daughter is working and living far from home.  One day, Roxanne's daughter called for help finding a special baby shower present for a dear friend (who has been a great support being so far from her family).  Well, in Roxanne's family, that calls for a quilt. 

Usually, Roxanne's 90-year-old mother is the one who makes the quilts (for family AND the McDonald House charity -- wow!!).  This time, Roxanne decided to raid her mom's stash and try it on her own.  Two hurdles she had to overcome?  She had 10 days until the shower, and this was her first baby quilt!  Even with a full-time job, Roxanne finished THIS beautiful quilt (complete with the family tradition of satin binding) in 7 days, and it arrived just in time for the shower. 

Thanks for sharing a sweet story along with your quilt!

If any of you StitchStealers want to share YOUR creations - send a picture to the StitchSteals blog for consideration for a future Feature You Friday! If you have a blog, business or cause you'd like to let everyone know about, be sure to tell us about that too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature You Friday! Quilters, get in here!

Good morning StitchStealers!

It's time again to show off some of your creations!  Fellow StitchStealer Rena used her Basic Grey charm pack to make this gorgeous table runner:
I love the pattern and the bright colors - just in time for Spring. Thanks for sharing with us Rena!

Have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to send your creations in to the StitchSteals blog for us to feature on future Fridays!

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